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MFZ (Michigan Flood Zone, Inc.) is Michigan's leading consultant for Flood Zones determination and correction of wrong Flood Zones designation shown on FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map) issued by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).
If your house is located in SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area) as determined by FEMA, you are required by NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) to carry Federally Mandated Flood Insurance. However you should consider if you need to insure your house/building if only corner of your property is in the Flood Zone or if entire property was placed in the wrong Flood Zone.

Dear Homeowner/Property Manager,

1. Does your mortgage company require you to carry costly flood insurance?
2. Has your home been free of flood damage since you have owned it?
3. Do you want to eliminate the flood insurance of your property?
4. Are you paying for flood insurance you don't want?

If you have answered yes to any of these... Read On!!

You are required to carry flood insurance because your mortgage company has determined that at least a portion of your property is located in a SFHA with a 1% annual chance of flooding. The federal government requires flood insurance on properties located in a SFHA unless the flood zone is changed or clarified by FEMA.

In 2004, FEMA began remapping Flood Zones across the United States. As a result, anyone owning property within one of the newly drawn Flood Zones was required to obtain flood insurance.

The fact is that not only you may be paying for undesired insurance, but also properties that have a Flood Zone designation attached to them have lower value. This is due to the Food Zone designation and the additional cost associated with owning the property. In addition, these premiums subsidize properties that are truly in danger of flooding but do not pay premiums accordingly since your premiums contribute to the flood insurance system!

You have the right to dispute the Flood Zone determination and have it changed if it is wrong. Be proactive and get informed. It's your money you are wasting! Moreover, it is your money you will save each year. In at least 80% of the cases we have reviewed, the flood zone determination was in err and insurance should not be mandated.

To change the Flood Zone designation, follow those steps:

1. Obtain a Field Survey of your property.
2. Secure an Elevation Certificate on Form approved by FEMA.
3. Petition to FEMA to remove a structure or entire property from SFHA.

We can take care of those steps for you.

We offer a Three-PHASE process:

PHASE I - FREE Flood Zone Analysis

Professional Surveyor employed by MFZ:
1. Locates your property on the current digital FIRM issued by FEMA.
2. Researches FEMA database and aided by FIS (Flood Insurance Study) determines BFE (Base Flood Elevation) for your property.
3. Based on the findings he evaluates the likelihood of your property being placed by FEMA in incorrect Flood Zone.
4. We provide you with a written report of our findings and advise if you should proceed with PHASE II.

In addition, we would give you a firm quotation of the cost of PHASE II.
You would not have to pay anything up to this point.
[Order FREE Flood Zone Analysis]

PHASE II - EC (Elevation Certificate)

Our field crew (under the supervision of Professional Surveyor) performs field survey to determine the elevation of your property and around the house/structures.
You do not have to be present during the survey unless special arrangements are required to allow the crewmembers access the property or if the property has a crawl space or basement.
Based on the results of the survey Professional Surveyor prepares, signs & seals an Elevation Certificate on a FEMA prescribed Form 81-31.

With en Elevation Certificate, we provide a written report, with advice if:
A. Entire property could be removed from SFHA.
B. Part of the property and house/structures(s) could be removed from SFHA.
C. Only house/structure(s) could be removed from SFHA.
D. No removal from SFHA is possible for property and house/structure(s).

For cases "A, B & C" we FULLY GUARANTEE removal of entire property, portion of the property or just house/structure(s) from SFHA. You should proceed with PHASE III.

In instance "D" the reduction of Flood Insurance premium may be possible. Negotiate with your mortgage company.
[Order FREE quote for Elevation Certificate]

PHASE III - Application to FEMA for eLOMA

If we determine that your property/house/structure(s) were placed in the wrong Flood Zone we apply on your behalf to FEMA for LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment). We are authorized by FEMA to submit eLOMA (electronic version of LOMA) which in some cases shortens the approval process to just a few days.
Please keep in mind that if in the PHASE's II Report we recommended proceeding with PHASE III we FULLY GUARANTEE success of LOMA being approved by FEMA.

The cost of an eLOMA for properties for which MFZ has issued an Elevation Certificate is $140. [Order eLOMA]

For other properties, please request [FREE quotation]

What to do next?

Once a LOMA is issued and the Flood Zone is changed for your property, flood insurance is no longer required by FEMA*. You then have two choices:

First, you can cancel your flood insurance policy and obtain a full refund for the current year premium that you have already paid as long as the payment is current and there have been no claims.

Alternatively, you may choose to continue to carry flood insurance through a preferred risk policy and in addition, since the insurance is not obligatory, you can carry any amount of coverage you want.
Premiums are greatly reduced when you choose this option.

* Please keep in mind that lenders may, as part of their standard business practices, require Flood Insurance as a condition of any loan. We encourage you to consult with your lender before requesting a LOMA to find out if the flood insurance requirement will be waived if a LOMA is issued.